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School priorities 2017-18 - Sun 03 Sep 2017

Our School Priorities for 2017-18
By the end of July 2018 we aim to ensure that:

1 Attendance.  Improve attendance and bring it more in line with the regional average.
2 Behaviour.  Create a whole school behaviour system that links into the 4 main purposes
of the new Welsh Curriculum. All stakeholders to be part of the consultation
and delivery of the new systems.
  3 Leadership.  Clarify leadership roles and leadership responsibilities across the school.
4 Curriculum Review. Review the curriculum to ensure that pupils have opportunities
to redraft their work and to deepen their learning.
5   Skills.  Improve the development of literacy, numerical reasoning and digital
skills across the   curriculum.
6  AFL. Ensure that next step marking links clearly to the lesson objective and to the
lesson’s success criteria, focused assessment for learning.
 Pupil/Peer response to marking.
 Ensure that pupils reflect on their learning and respond to the feedback
of their peers and teacher.    

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